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Homeownership at Karl Marx Avenue, 66 formed in the late XVIII century.
At the end of the XIX century the site owner was A. Kravtsov, and at the beginning of XX century - Sarah Kravtsova. Before the construction at the site of a new multi-storey hotel building Astoria, there was the hotel "Slavic", in 1902 it changed by the numbers of Safonov, and then the Hotel Continental. The building of the Hotel Astoria is one of the largest buildings in the town of construction 1910, and one of the most interesting examples in Ukraine "classificated modernism". Architect of the building is unknown.
In the summer of 1917 in Astoria rented premises the redaction of the Bolshevik newspaper "Zvezda".
During the uprising in December 1917. Astoria became the focus of battles: the Red Army fired from it the Post Office, occupied by haydamaky. From January to April 1918. in the building of the Astoria placed various Bolshevik organizations.
After the German occupation of the city hotel has been returned to its owners and reopened. During this period in Yekaterynoslav lived and worked many famous writers and artists.
Writer Alexei Tolstoy described the atmosphere of the hotel in his trilogy "The Road to Calvary." In December 1918, Astoria was seized by Red Guards - there was their headquarters, but a day later they were knocked out of the Directory troops under the command of Ataman Samokish, who also placed his headquarters in Astoria.
Within a short time Astoria several times passed from hand to hand - it housed the headquarters of Batko Makhno and the Revolutionary Committee, and exactly from the Astoria, it was announced the restoration of Soviet power in the city.
During the fighting in September-October 1943, the building was probably not demerged, although it equipment was looted. In 1949, Astoria was renamed into the Dnepr. In 1980 it returned to the former, historic name.

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